Free Market vs. State

“Who should have the authority to set prices, the free market or the states? Why?”

The free market encourages economic growth and allows prices to fluctuate with peace. Customers are able to decide what they want to pay for something and buys are able to negotiate with the customers peacefully. However, if the state decides to intervene, there would be an end to the friendly free market. This would create price floors and price ceilings, canceling out the natural flow of prices. If the state decides prices, there goes the customers’ choices of they want to buy freely.

The free market should have the authority to set prices because prices naturally flow as customers create competition which sets prices lower. If the state decides prices, then there would be no room for economic growth and healthy customer competition.


State Subsidies without State Control?

“Is it possible to have state subsidies without state control?”

The state gives the us some really good subsidies or benefits. The state keeps giving us these benefits and by and by we become reliant on the state. As long as we are reliant on those benefits, the state controls the us. And so the state continues to give out benefits for us, and we continue to accept them, not caring about where exactly the state is getting all these benefits. When we become reliant on what the state gives us, then we are no longer free to make our own money.

So. Is it possible to have state subsidies without state control? The answer is no. It’s not possible for us to have state subsidies without handing over our freedom to the state.

Good State or Bad State?

“If the state is strong enough to do something good for you, it can also do something bad to you.”

This is true. When we give the state enough power to do good, it will most definitely do the opposite. Because power corrupts. People say that the state is doing good because it uses money to help people. But where does the state get this money? From us, the taxpayers. We pay taxes because we think the state will use the money for good. Instead, the state uses our money to fund their own wicked ideas. This is virtually plunder. The state is stealing from the people in order to do “good”. So in conclusion, yes, the state can very much do wrong where it is supposed to do good.

My Turning Points

I haven’t lived a very long life as of yet, but I certainly have had some turning points. The first turning point in my life would be when we moved from New York to Ohio in 2004. This was big for me because most of my life until then had been in New York. I was around 5 years old at the time so the change was pretty big for me. I remember I lost one of my favorite toys during the move!

The second turning point in my life so far has to be the first year I went to Camp American. I was 12 years old at the time. I was very excited to go because my three older siblings had already been going for a couple years. Camp was only a week long, but during my time there, I learned more about the Constitution and what needs to be done to save America. I also met people that are still my friends three years later.

The biggest turning point that has happened to me so far was the night my big brother Maxwell died. That was a life changer for sure. It’s been two years since his death and I still remember that day like the back of my hand. Max was my hero, and losing him was the worst pain I could have imagined.

Healing Wounds

Have you ever wondered how your body miraculously heals itself from cuts and scrapes? When your skin is broken open by a piece of glass or something sharp, it sets off a series of events to close and heal the wound.

You usually start to bleed after your skin is damaged. Your blood clots together in clumps to form a “door” to your wound. These clots turn into scabs as they dry to prevent blood loss. Once the scab is dry and the wound is closed, your skin allows oxygen and fresh nutrients to come through to heal it further. The right amount of oxygen is essential for the healing process to work correctly. As the oxygen and nutrients are doing their part with your wound, a white blood cell called a macrophage protects the wound, overseeing whole process and fighting infection.

As the healing process continues, blood cells rush to build new tissue. Chemical signals instruct the creating of collagen. The collagen then serves as scaffolding for the wound, so other tissues can continue the repair process. Sometimes the result of this process is a scar. Most of these scars fade, depending on how big or deep your wound was.



Bastiat’s Concept of Plunder

God gave all men three things: Personality, liberty, and property. From those rights come personal safety, the right of labor, and the fruits of labor. The state is supposed to protect these blessings of safety. Instead, the state is now annihilating the justice of men by the influence of these two causes: naked greed and misconceived philanthropy.

In his essay, Frederic Bastiat said that naked greed is when someone desires all the money he can get. Everyone has felt this desire at one point or another. Misconceived philanthropy is when someone promotes the human welfare–at the expense of others. The desire to live at the expense of others is the origin of plunder, and the law has become an instrument of plunder. Plunder is the act of stealing by force. Some forms of plunder include taxes, wars, and slavery.

What are the results that come from plunder? First, there’s the loss of morality. The more plundering a person does, the more it starts to feel natural, and he starts to lose respect for the law. Second, there’s the desire to get the vote in order to engage in plunder. When the government participates in legalized plunder, then no one is free anymore.

My Favorite Story

The story “No Brakes Betsy” in Jim Lehrer’s autobiography really stood out to me. In this story, Lehrer describes he and his brother driving Betsy, a bus full of passengers, to their destinations. The striking thing about this story is that Betsy had no brakes. This story stood out to me because Lehrer was in a situation where he and the whole bus could die any second. He describes this experience so that the reader can feel the tension and fear he had. I can relate to this story in a way as I’ve actually felt the tension and fear of crashing. Jim Lehrer’s autobiography is full of good stories, but this is the one I connected with.

Online Teaching vs Classroom Teaching

“Online education is bad for society because it puts classroom teachers out of work.” This statement is indeed true. When parents decide to start online education for their child, it does put classroom teachers out of work. The classroom teachers then find themselves without a job and everyone thinks that it’s terrible and it won’t ever get better.But, this is only the seen part of all this. The part where the classroom teachers are the losers and everyone freaks out.

These are the unseen things about online education. Online education requires educators and programmers to constantly supply the material for the child to learn. This opens up opportunities for those teachers who lost their jobs to turn around and contribute their knowledge in certain areas to be taught.

Another unseen thing is that online education costs way less than public or classroom education. No more paying unnecessary gas money everyday. The online teachers can charge money at their own rates, different than what they got as public school teachers.

An unseen thing about online education is that the child can pick his or her own courses to their liking. This allows them to learn at their own pace without any distractions from a public classroom. They can learn more than they ever could in a classroom, creating more knowledgeable students that are able to get high salary jobs.

There are undoubtedly many more unseen reasons that online education is better than classroom education, but these are just a few that I think are very important.

Lehrer’s Heart Attack

Jim Lehrer had a heart attack on December 11th, 1983. Heart attacks are certainly terrible things, but in Lehrer’s case, some good came out of it. After Jim survived his heart attack, he realized what a mess his personal life had been. He decided right there in his hospital bed that he would change his way of living for the better.

One of the good things that came out of Lehrer’s heart attack were his lists. He made a list to live healthier. His next list was of the bus signs he wanted to collect. He was always passionate about buses and such, and this list accelerated that passion to collect. He then made a list of stressful things he wanted to avoid. He set his priorities straight; to love, relax, and to write.

After his lists, Lehrer started thinking and planning five years into the future from where he was. In the past, Lehrer had written some fiction and then dropped it. His heart attack pushed him to start writing again. He wrote 19 novels. Jim realized that life was short and shouldn’t be wasted. Then when Jim had his bypass surgery, he realized that if he wanted to live longer and healthier, he would have to stop his bad habits like smoking and eating junk food. Jim Lehrer was an avid smoker for 30 years. Smoking was just something he did. When Jim came out of his surgery, the desire to smoke had just disappeared. He began to eat much healthier foods like fruits and vegetables.

I think the best good thing that came out of Jim Lehrer’s heart attack was his special knowledge. He now knew what it was like to experience a heart attack. Lehrer used his new knowledge about heart attacks to help people by starting a documentary. His documentary was called My Heart, Your Heart, and he viewed this as his most important aspect of his life.

In conclusion, Jim Lehrer’s heart attack turned out to a massive life changer. Because of his attack, Jim started living healthier, he wrote more fiction, he collected his bus memorabilia, he made his documentary, and started taking more risks in general. Heart attacks are truly terrible, but Jim Lehrer certainly made the best of his.

Energy of the Sun

”The sun provides a tremendous amount of energy to the earth every day, far more than is currently used. Given this fact, why is the acquisition of energy a constant task for organisms? Why do so many creatures starve?”

Every creature/organism needs energy to survive. Plants need energy to produce food for animals, and animals and humans need the food that plants produce. Plants gather up the energy to use and then they grow their food. But, plants struggle to get the energy required to produce that food, because animals or humans keep eating the energy in the food.

Let’s say there is a tomato plant. The tomato plant uses and stores energy combined with nutrients from the sun in the tomatoes it grows. Then a human comes along and eats the tomato, and the energy that was stored in the tomato is released into the human. This means that the tomato plant no longer has the energy required to produce more tomatoes. It can’t keep on living because the energy and nutrients in the tomato that was eaten are gone; energy that is used up eventually turns to waste.


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